Pro Z

Pro Z


Quantity: 30 ProZ Detox Capsules | 30 ProZ Rest Capsules


ProZ is an all-natural supplement designed to assist in restoring the ideal microbiome composition in the gut. Some high carbohydrate diets, as well as a lack of probiotics and enzymes in the diet, cause an increase in unwanted gut bacteria like candida which leads to a myriad of diseases and other health issues. The ideal ratio of ‘good’ bacteria to ‘bad’ bacteria is 85% to 15%. High-quality probiotics in ProZ are intended to increase the number of ‘good’ bacteria while the prebiotic fibers feed only the ‘good’ bacteria helping restore proper balance in the most complex system in the body


ProZ Detox (White Capsule)

Great Gut Health

This advanced, all-natural prebiotic, probiotic, and enzyme blend provides a gentle detoxing effect, promoting weight loss and a healthy digestive system for higher nutrient absorption and energy utilization, leaving you feeling great and craving healthier foods.*


ProZ Rest (Purple Capsule)

Great Night's Rest

Rest assured this formula is designed to help you naturally and effortlessly relax from your day, fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and feel great in the morning. It contains a complex blend of all-natural ingredients that promote mental and physical relaxation while improving sleep quality.*


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