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Plant Derived Facials


We provide facials for all skin types. We use only 100% organic products to create the perfect skin care treatment and regimen for you.

We at Making U Fierce believe that beauty is naturally produced and the products we use to treat your skin should be all natural as well. We use a three step regimen for all facials.

All Facials are time based in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. The 30 minute is an Express Facial and the 60 and 90 minute inculde a foot bath with hand and foot massage.


Shine - This sloughs off dead and dry skin cells promoting an even texture and tone.

Smoothie - This steps replenishes the skin while removing dead , dry skin cells and creating a radiant glow at the same time.

Touch - This step adds needed moisture, tightening and muscle stimulation to the face while products are massaged into the skin.


Desert (Dry) Skin Treatments - A blend of naturally derived plant products used to treat dryness, flakiness and dullness of the skin they include the following:

Fierce Lightening Shine, Desert Exfoliation Shine, Herbal Radiant Shine, Radiant Smoothie, Desert Smoothie, Herbal Smoothie, Smoothing Touch and Replenishing Touch

Delicate (Sensitive) Skin Treatments - A blend of naturally derivied plant products used to calm the skin and rid the skin of any irritants they include the following:

Fierce Lightening Shine, Radiant Shine, Radiant Smoothie, Fierce Brightneing Smoothie, Sensitive Smoothie, Smoothing Touch and Lightening Touch

Daub (Oily) Skin Treatments - A blend of naturally derived plant products used to stop the over production of oil and sebum in the skin. Reduces blackheads and Acne of the skin. They include the following:

Deep Sea Remedy Shine, Perfect Peace Shine, Charged Herbal Remedy Shine, Herbal Creme Smoothie, Deep Sea Exfoliating Smoothie, Aromatherapy Touch and Exfoliating Touch


We provide both Manual and Machine Microdermabrasion Treatments, This removes up to 2 layers of dead skin cells.

Vitamin C Blast

A Vitamin C mask is applied to the skin and followed up with Vitamin C Serum, Your skin is sure to have a Wonderful Glow for days to come!


Herbal Mint Mask
Fresh Mint and Herbal Mask used to calm down irritated skin, tighten and calm down breakouts.
Plant Peel
100% plant base peel that will remove up to 2 layers of dead skin.

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